About Us

 Welcome to Causes with Cotton
We are a small family business out of Texas, that is hoping to create a platform our community can use to bring awareness and support causes close to their hearts. 
Charitable Cottons
My husband tells everyone he encounters to "Have a great life" and he truly means it! We decided to incorporate that saying into our own Cause with Cotton brand, and use that apparel to raise donations for causes close to our hearts. Our goal is to continually collect input from our community and bring awareness to charitable causes throughout the world. We will be rotating charities throughout the year, and are always seeking nominations on causes you want to see us support. Half of each "Have a Great Life" apparel purchase will be donated to the cause it supports. In addition to monetary donations, our goal is to also donate sweatshirt to homeless shelters or other organizations in need. We appreciate your support and HAVE A GREAT LIFE!  
Custom Cause Cottons
Custom Cause Cottons are custom made apparel that support a fund or cause that is not an official non-profit, charity, or foundation. Typically these causes are created by a family friend or organization who's goal is to help someone they know in need. We work very closely with the cause sponsor to create custom apparel that represents their cause. Just as with Charitable Cottons, half of each "Custom Cause Cotton" purchase will be donated directly to the family or organization in need. Our goal is to simplify the process of creating custom apparel and donating proceeds for a cause. We urge you to read through our current Custom Cause Cottons and if you feel inclined, support those families in need. To learn more about creating your own Custom Cause Cotton, please click the link: Creating a Cause.