Creating a Custom Cause

We are so honored you are here. 

Do you have a cause you would love to show support and bring awareness to? At Causes with Cotton we provide you the platform to do just that. 


1. Send an email to with a brief description of the cause you are looking to support and raise donations for. 

2. Work with one of our apparel creators to create the perfect logo that represents your cause. If you already have a logo that you created, we are happy to bring that to reality! You will also work with our creators to determine color palettes and types of clothing you wish to have your logo available on. 

3. Once you are happy with the designs, we are set to launch the apparel on the site for purchase. We have set prices for each item based off manufacturing costs. Half of the entire purchase will be donated to your cause!!

a) Amount of apparel available for purchase will depend on availability of specific color combinations. 

We also love including a brief description of your cause to help develop a personal connection for those who may be unfamiliar with your why.  

4. We will keep track of every apparel item purchased for your specific cause and develop a Go Fund Me in your name. We will deposit half of every purchase into that fund each week as a donation to your cause. 

If you chose to support a cause that is already established as a Non-Profit Organization, Charity, or Foundation we will deposit the funds raised directly to their specific donation page. You will receive an email receipt of the deposited funds for your confirmation.  

5. We encourage you to share your "Custom Cause Cotton" on social media to increase awareness. Your page will also be visible to anyone who access our website. Your page will be active for 2 months from its first date of available purchases.   

- Can't wait to create your Custom Cause with Cotton -